Camden Falcons Football Club

2019 Online Registration



FFA have this year launched a new online registration website. The process varies slightly to previous years. Please follow the instructions below to self-register online through the Play Football website.

1. If you intend to claim the NSW Government $100 active kids rebate for this registration, first apply for the voucher using the following link

2. To register, click the following link

2. A range of packages will be available for each age group. Click “get started”.

3. Create an account. Families are now able to create an account using their email, fb or google accounts, and link all their players into one account.  If you set up your account using an email address already known to MFC, it will retrieve all associated registrations under this email address EG:


4. Click “me”or “link”to respective profiles to continue.

5. Follow the on screen prompts to complete registration. If you have trouble please check the support page or call (02) 8880 7983 (Monday – Friday: 10am-5pm)

If you cannot access your player profile because of a different or incorrect email address, please email Kylie as below.

All New Players require Birth Certificate/Photo ID/Licence to be sighted by the registrar.  You will need to attend at one of the club Information Days to provide this or email a copy to Kylie Ellis at  To be eligible for the student rate, All Age players will need to show a School/University Student Card.


 Any Questions?  CONTACT US: Kylie Ellis (Registrar) 0474 534742