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Falcons new match shirt policy

Falcons new match shirt policy

Camden Falcons Football Club committee have decided to change the model for the supply of match shirts. Covid 19 has impacted football in many ways, one of which is the way we handle match shirts. 

A number of our members have suggested they would like to own and wash their own shirt.  After careful consideration, for this and many other reasons, the committee has decided to introduce a player match shirt ownership model for our junior (12-18) and senior players from season 2022.    This does not apply to U6-U11 at this stage due to the size of the task to convert players to this model and also overstocks of SSG shirts. Our aim is to review this again before next season.

The work involved in sourcing, allocating and chasing the return of match shirts (we lose a number of shirts every season) is significant so to implement this process will reduce the workload of our committee volunteers and allow focus on more value add activities.  Stanno personalised match shirts cost $38.  Most members would expect their shirts to last at least three seasons putting the cost per year at around $13 or less. Growing players may have to renew their shirts more frequently putting the cost at around $19 per season.

Match shirts will be purchased by players and will be personalised with the name or nickname of their choice.  

Frequently asked questions section below……

  1. What can I print on the back of my shirt?

Any name or nickname, however, the club reserves the right to reject the printing if it is not in line with community or club standards.

2. What number can I have?

Initially, numbers will need to be allocated by your coach to ensure there are no clashes.  If you move teams and your number is already taken, you will need to purchase a new shirt.  Each team will have a range from 2-99 so you should be able to choose a new number.  For ease of numbering, the club will be changing the culture of linking the number to the position e,g number 23 can be the starting striker, Lionel Messi wears 30 for PSG etc  Managers please note, match cards have already been adjusted to capture any 2 digit number.

  1. How can I make sure I get the right size?

Your training shirt size is identical to your match shirt as both are produced by Stanno. We will be having a sizing session at the clubhouse for you to make sure your size is correct. We suggest sizing to allow at least two seasons wear for growing players.

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